Android This Week: Dual Displays; App Updates; NFC Expands

This week saw a new Android handset with two 3.5-inch displays: the Kyocera Echo on Sprint can turn into one larger display or run two apps on the screens at the same time. Twitter saw a huge update while Sonos software is coming soon to Android.

Android This Week: Nexus S; Priority Inbox; New YouTube

Google dominated the Android news this week, as the company announced a number of products and updates. Front and center was the Nexus S and Gingerbread (Android 2.3), and we had a quick unboxing video. Gmail got Priority Inbox support, and YouTube got a facelift.

Android’s Gingerbread Brings WebM to Mobile Phones

Android users will finally be able to play video encoded with the open source WebM video format: Google’s new Android 2.3 Gingerbread release adds WebM support to the platform. However, it may take until long after the holiday season until the Gingerbread man arrives on handsets.

Android Gingerbread Arrives: More Exciting Than New Nexus S?

Google’s latest upgrade to Android, “Gingerbread,” arrives today in the form of a developer SDK and a new flagship phone later this month: the Samsung Nexus S. Amid the improved Android software features, the Nexus S appears to be a marginal upgrade over existing Android phones.

Android Gingerbread Out of the Oven This Week

The next version of Android appears on its way in the coming days, according to a tweet from a leader in the Open Handset Alliance. Gingerbread should help address some of the needs of the Android platform, allowing it to stand up better to the iPhone and Windows Phone 7.

As Gingerbread Bakes, 73.8% of Android Phones Run 2.1+

Nearly three of every four handsets hitting the Android Market are now running modern versions of Google’s mobile operating system, just as rumors begin swirling around Gingerbread, the next Android version. Between Froyo’s uptake and core apps developed as add-ons, Google is quietly reducing Android fragmentation.