Report: Snapchat might have bought a glasses company

According to Business Insider, Snapchat may have bought a glasses company called Vergence Labs for $15 million. Vergence Labs makes frames that can shoot and store video, akin to Google Glass. Business Insider pulled the deal information from the hacked Sony documents, emails sent by Sony Entertainment’s CEO (who serves on Snapchat’s board). There’s no word on why Snapchat might want access to that team or product, although they could be developing video technology.

Finally, Google Glass works with my terrible vision

After months of not really enjoying Google Glass with corrective vision glasses I ordered Glass frames from Google. The verdict? Much better but there are a few restrictions on the corrective lenses that had me devise a complicated solution.

Eye of the robot: Google working on Android-powered glasses?

Forget those old X-ray specs in the back of comic books (which never worked anyway). Google is reportedly working on a pair of Android-powered glasses that could record data and display information for around $400 to $500 and make you look ever dorkier.

Infographic: Are mobile devices destroying your body?

Connected mobile devices make life easier, but are our bodies paying too high a price? Eyewear retailer Mezzmer culled a number of datapoints in an infrographic that gives a glimpse into the health complications brought by small screens, speakers and the ergonomics of using handheld computers.