Speech recognition anyone? AT&T opens up Watson API

Look out Nuance. there’s a new speech recognition player in town, AT&T. Ma Bell has taken the locks off of its Watson speech application programming interfaces, allowing any developer to use them to add voice commands and natural language understanding to their apps.

Interview: AT&T’s Lurie on building the iOS of the connected home

AT&T President Glenn Lurie has big ambitions for Ma Bell’s Digital Life division. He’s not slapping together a bunch of connected home applications. He’s building a platform — an iOS for the Internet of things. And like the iPhone, Digital Life may come with its own Siri.

Google Goggles Now on the iPhone

It’s not all war and competition between tech giants Google and Apple. Sometimes the companies can come together, and the winner each time that happens is invariably the consumer. Today Google brings Google Goggles to the iPhone. Try saying that five times fast.

AT&T Thinks Prepaid Data Plans Could Drive 3G Everywhere

LurieThis morning I chatted with Glenn Lurie, president of national distribution at AT&T, (s T) about the carrier’s strategy to embed wireless access into anything that isn’t a smartphone, netbook or PC. He said AT&T is working to find pricing models that may include prepaid data plans (we think that’s a good idea) to make 3G access on devices accessible to more consumers.

“There are different classes of devices, and you need to deliver different pricing models if you want to sell more than four of them,” Lurie said. “The reality is you need a whole plethora of pricing models, from our biggest monthly plans to the smallest, and all the way down to prepaid and session-based plans.”

Since the phone market in the U.S. is saturated, (although wireless data use is still growing) carriers are looking for other sources of growth. While getting $2 a month to provide wireless transport to an e-reader isn’t the same as $50 from a cell phone subscriber, there are still profits to be made, and AT&T doesn’t plan to leave them on the table anymore. Read More about AT&T Thinks Prepaid Data Plans Could Drive 3G Everywhere