AT&T reboots its CDN for more capacity and storage

AT&T is making another big push into the CDN market, leveraging its existing network infrastructure along with CDN software from Edgecast to offer content delivery services to its large base of Fortune 1000 clients. The new offering will include a massive boost in capacity and storage.

Why You May Care About Level 3 Buying Global Crossing

Level 3 Communications agreed to buy Global Crossing in a transaction worth $3 billion. The deal is a sign of consolidation as broadband becomes the connecting fabric of our lives. But the question isn’t why this deal between two telecommunications backbone providers happened, but why now?

Global Crossing Acquires Genesis Networks

Global Crossing has acquired Genesis Networks in a deal that will expand its ability to serve media customers looking to distribute video over its backbone network, as well as verticals such as healthcare, government and distance learning, which rely on high-quality distribution of rich media online.

Global Crossing Scores MLB Live Streaming Deal

In order to deliver 2,430 live baseball games, Major League Baseball needed a robust network to ensure that all the news, highlights, statistics and high-definition video being sent out from stadiums could reach its customers. And it turned to Global Crossing to build that network.

Level 3 Has the Largest IP Network

[qi:046] Level 3 (s LVLT) stock might be trading below a buck, and its future might be cloudy, but the company has to be thrilled with this news from Renesys, an Internet monitoring company, which claims it’s the largest IP network in the world, ahead of Sprint (s S), which apparently just can’t get a break, even though they are growing.¬†

Renesys explains that the rise of Level 3 has been driven by its overseas growth, especially in Asia. Global Crossing saw similar gains because of growth in Asia, where it has started to offer transit services to more carriers. As we have noted previously, the growth in traffic in Asia is driven by the surge in the economic activity in the region, along with increased demand for faster broadband pipes. Here are the top five by rank: Read More about Level 3 Has the Largest IP Network

Wholesale Internet Bandwidth Prices Keep Falling

Sure it’s not like back in the early 2000s, when those crooks from Enron were driving the prices of bandwidth down into the ground, but even today prices on Internet bandwidth continue to fall. If you are a consumer, however, there’s a good chance you’re wondering what I’m talking about — after all, broadband service providers like Comcast and Time Warner are talking about putting the meter on the bandwidth they serve up to residential subscribers.

What I’m talking about is wholesale Internet bandwidth that is sold to Internet services providers (ISPs) and content companies like Yahoo and Google. This is called IP Transit and it is sold at a rate of “per megabit per second per month” and often requires a monthly bandwidth commitment. Cogent Communications, Level 3 Communications, Tata Communications, Global Crossing and AT&T are some of the more well-known IP Transit providers.

Today research firm Telegeography came out with a report that shows the price of wholesale Internet access (IP transit), while varied around the globe, are still in decline. Here are some facts. Read More about Wholesale Internet Bandwidth Prices Keep Falling