Standardizing the Second Screen

Content recognition technology has been around for a decade or more in various forms, including watermark detection and digital fingerprinting. But its purpose has generally been to enable various types of B2B content authentications or to trigger anti-piracy measures, not to enable interactivity.

In a suspect move, LightSquared calls for GPS design standards

LightSquared has asked the FCC n to impose future standards on GPS device design, claiming such requirements would allow GPS and its LTE network to co-exist peacefully. While LightSquared would appear to be taking the middle path, the proposal smacks of a political stunt.

Can Carl Icahn pick up the pieces of LightSquared?

Carl Icahn has been quietly buying up LightSquared’s debt a rock bottom prices, which would put the activist investor in position to take over the company in the increasingly likely event of bankruptcy. But would there be anything left of LightSquared to salvage?

Federal agency recommends killing LightSquared LTE plans

PNT ExComm, the federal agency overseeing the national GPS satellite network, has concluded that any LTE network LightSquared would build, no matter how much it scales back its transmission power, would interfere with GPS devices nationwide. LightSquared’s hopes of building its network are quickly dwindling.

How the daily deal guys can leverage mobile

Groupon and Living Social dominate the burgeoning market for e-mail daily deals, but the landscape could change quickly as those models expand to the much more complex world of mobile. Here’s what coupon distributors need to keep in mind as they target mobile users.

Augmented Reality Coming to Mobile in a Big Way

You may not be all that familiar with augmented reality yet, but you’re going to hear a lot about the stuff in coming months. A kind of marriage between the real and the virtual, augmented reality couples live video streams with computer-generated imagery and content. The term can refer to everything from those yellow, simulated first-down lines you see during NFL broadcasts to high-tech, head-up displays integrated into the windshields of military fighter planes. The concept is not new, but augmented-reality apps are finally making their way to smartphones.

Can Nissan Quell EV Anxiety with Technology?

Are you ready to trade the gas pump for a power cord? Over the next few years, drivers will have to contend with that question when a handful of new electric cars take to the road.
Nissan’s as-yet unnamed electric vehicle (EV), which the automaker plans to debut this weekend in Japan, is already aiming to make it easier for consumers to answer “yes.”
The car will begin populating U.S. fleets in 2010, but general availability isn’t expected until sometime in 2012. While its design is still under (slowly retreating) wraps, statements made by the company are already revealing Nissan’s plans to leverage technologies like GPS, wireless communications and the Internet to win over EV skeptics — not an easy task. That’s where EV-IT comes in.