Battered by the global LTE war, Alcatel-Lucent will cut 5000 jobs

Faced with increasing pressure from its telecom vendor rivals as well as the poor economy, Alcatel-Lucent is cutting its workforce by 7 percent. In order to generate revenue, the vendor is looking toward its vast patent pool, setting up a new intellectual property management division.

Mapping the global trade routes of mobile apps

Mobile apps may not be shipped on galleons or via airfreight, but they are definitely crossing oceans. According to data from VisionMobile’s recent developer survey, a big market around the import and export of apps has emerged globally.

It’s a big, big world of MVNOs: 812 and counting

There are a lot of new mobile virtual network operators popping up lately, from Republic Wireless to Ting. MVNOs practically went extinct in the last decade, but recently they’ve enjoyed a big resurgence. According to Wireless Intelligence, there are now 812 of them globally.

Apple Store set to open right in RIM’s backyard

Apple is preparing to open five new retail stores internationally on Saturday, including one smack dab in the middle of competitor Research In Motion’s home territory of Waterloo, Ontario. It’s a departure from Apple’s usual pattern in Canada — one that sends a clear message.

Apple Moves Into Fourth in Global Mobile Phone Sales

Jumping past Research in Motion, Apple has entered the top five in global mobile phone sales, trailing only Nokia, Samsung, and LG. Number four may not count for much in the realm of professional sports, but it means a lot in the technology business.

Projectplace: Project Management that Brings You Up to Speed

One of the problems with some project management tools is that not only do you need training in order to move your projects on to it and get your team moving, but you also have to go hunting for that training. Not so with Projectplace.

Analyst: iPhone to Overtake BlackBerry in 2011

A few years ago it would’ve been only the insane and the insanely prescient who were predicting that Apple (s aapl) would replace RIM (s rimm) in terms of world mobile phone market share. Now it doesn’t seem that outlandish, but the question of how soon we’ll actually see it happen remains up in the air.

According to a new financial analysis company, Trefis (via Forbes), the iPhone will pass BlackBerries in 2011. So as of next year, the iPhone will supposedly overtake RIM’s varied line of smartphones, despite offering far less in terms of consumer choice, and being limited to only one network in major markets like the U.S. So how’s that supposed to happen? Read More about Analyst: iPhone to Overtake BlackBerry in 2011

Apple Climbs to Middle of the Pack in Fortune Global 500 List


Once a year, Fortune releases its ranking of the top 500 global companies, and in recent years Apple (s aapl) has usually managed to nab a spot. This year, it rose to almost exactly the middle of the field at 253, up from 337 last year. The ratings are based on gross revenue, so it isn’t surprising to find larger PC manufacturers like Hewlett-Packard (s hpq) (32) and Dell (s dell) (115) ranked significantly higher, despite the fact that Apple enjoys healthier profit margins.

Rankings are based on performance over the course of the last year, so the new list represents results for 2008. Apple first made the cut of the Global 500 list only two years ago for 2006, when they placed near the very bottom, at 492. Considering the short time frame, that’s actually a fairly impressive 2-year gain. Read More about Apple Climbs to Middle of the Pack in Fortune Global 500 List