Here’s how Europe thinks the internet should be run

Global debates about internet governance are set to heat up in the coming years, so the European Union has set out its standpoint, with true globalization and human rights being non-negotiable principles.

Nope, independent work isn’t behind rising inequality, says expert

Is the rise in independent work contributing to the rise in inequality? We asked this question last week. One expert who responded feels he has an answer, based on his firm’s research on the question and a reminder that correlation does not equal causation.

Independent work: Another cause of inequality?

For skilled professionals, the increasing prevalence of independent work can be a blessing, but the trend toward replacing steady jobs with gig-based careers is bad news for the economy as a whole and inequality in particular, argues a Canadian magazine. Do you agree?

Jana’s quest to redistribute mobile wealth

Former MIT researcher Nathan Eagle wanted to use outsourcing and mobile technology to lift people in Kenya and elsewhere out of poverty. But faced with the realities of the outsourcing business, he changed course, and now wants to bring marketing dollars to people in emerging economies.