Glove for Android finds you the best carrier in your location

Are you sure you’re using the right mobile phone carrier? Glove for Android is a free app that helps you answer that question by analyzing your usage patterns for three days and comparing them to a crowdsourced database of network information.

iPhone Glove Patent: Warming Fingers in a Usable Way

It could certainly be argued that the iPhone has sparked a new revolution of multi-touch capable mobiles phones and handheld devices. iPhone-esque phones seem to be rearing their heads every day, all sharing one common problem; they don’t recognize a tap from a gloved finger.

For many users in warm climates this simply isn’t a problem, though Apple fans in the northern hemisphere struggle on a daily basis. In the UK, I find gloves to be an issue for only a few months of the year. That short period, however, is enough to make me realize that if the weather was cold for any length of time I’d be thoroughly disgruntled.
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