Mujjo gloves as good as skin on iOS devices, but better insulated

Winter is finally in full effect in Toronto, with a couple of cold days in the past week that provided the perfect opportunity to test a pair of Mujjo touchscreen gloves. Here’s a look at how they perform, both on iOS devices and against the cold.

Touchscreen Devices and Gloves Don’t Mix — or Do They?

Winter has definitely arrived here in the UK, with temperatures dropping over the past week or so, prompting me to break out my winter coat and gloves. I actually quite enjoy the changing seasons, but gloves are awkward because they don’t work with devices with capacitive touchscreens (like my iPhone, and also the trackpad on my MacBook), and constantly removing and replacing gloves when fiddling with my phone quickly becomes annoying. Fortunately, I’ve found there are quite are a few workarounds that let you keep warm mitts and stay connected on the go. Read More about Touchscreen Devices and Gloves Don’t Mix — or Do They?