Twitter partners with IBM to get its data into the enterprise

Twitter and IBM have partnered on a deal that will integrate Twitter data into various IBM software products and cloud services, and will result in a new certification for 10,000 IBM consultants. It’s a good deal for IBM, but probably better for Twitter.

Gnip adds search API to its Twitter data service

Gnip, one of a handful of companies with direct access to the Twitter firehose, is now letting its customers query 30 days worth of tweets via a new search API. CEO Chris Moody describes it as fast delivery on small data.

As the firehose matures, Twitter tightens grip on valuable asset

PeopleBrowsr, a company that provides marketing analytics based on the full stream of data from Twitter called the firehose, is suing Twitter for access to that stream. While Twitter is closing down who has access to the firehose, it shows where the company is headed.

Greenplum and Kaggle launch big data matchmaking service

EMC’s Greenplum division hopes to encourage users of its Chorus big data application to reach out to the Kaggle community of data scientists to do real-world work. The company also inked partnerships with Gnip and Tableau and open-sourced a version of Chorus.

Marketing is dead, long live marketing

In the era of cloud computing and big data, chief marketing officers can either sink or swim depending on their ability to recognize the importance of the consumer information available to them and are able to capture and put it to use.

Social net sifter DataSift adds $7.2M to its war chest

Businesses are hungry to understand more about the public perception of their products and services by tapping social networking sources. That demand is why DataSift, which sorts through tons of social network data, garnered $7.2 million in additional funding from existing backers.