Go Daddy poised to sell out to KKR and Silver Lake

Go Daddy, the largest domain registrar and a web hosting provider, is reportedly close to being sold to a group of private equity firms including KKR and Silver Lake Partners. The purchase price is about $2-2.5 billion, according to several news outlets.

3 Ways to Win the David vs. Googliath Fight

In 1999, half a dozen venture capitalists turned me down for financing because the business plan for my company, BlueTie, put me in direct competition with Microsoft. There simply was no point, they said; between its desktop monopoly, ranks of talent and outsized bank account, Microsoft was a guaranteed startup-killer. Instead, they advised us to “pick a market Microsoft doesn’t care about.”

Fortunately my team and I did not listen, and went ahead with our plan. BlueTie is an SaaS company with two revenue streams: We host customized email and collaboration software for enterprises; we also have an ad platform that pushes third-party services and promotions into your email, calendar, or social networking application, so you can make dinner reservations or book travel without interrupting your workflow (see the screenshot below). Read More about 3 Ways to Win the David vs. Googliath Fight