Man gets $1,171 bill for using in-flight Wi-Fi

When it comes to offering WiFi in the sky, airlines enjoy a situational monopoly. Still, this takes the cake: A Singapore Airlines passenger stepped off a plane, looked at his phone and discovered a bill for $1,171.46.

For LTE sky may not be the limit

Will there be a day when we shall see commercial planes connecting to the Internet at LTE speeds? A recent test by Ericsson gives hope to the possibility, though it is more likely that superfast trains are more likely to see LTE speeds.

Qualcomm is exploring the last 4G frontier: The sky

Qualcomm’s wireless technologies already dominate the mobile broadband networks on U.S. land. Now it wants to dominate the skies above it. Qualcomm is petitioning the FCC to clear a huge swathe of spectrum for an airplane broadband network supporting the eye-popping bandwidth of 300 Gbps.

In-flight Wi-Fi provider Gogo poised for $100M IPO take-off

Gogo, an in-flight Wi-fi company, has become the dominant provider of connectivity in the skies and now it’s looking to raise up to $100 million in an IPO. The company plans to use the money to generate working capital and address other general corporate needs.

Smartphones, tablets changing in-flight entertainment

Wireless Internet access on planes is helping to make those long flights bearable, but so too are the influx of personal media devices such as smartphones and tablets. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to buy content in-flight and take it with you after landing!

Hipmunk knows you’re addicted to the web

Hipmunk, the hot flight-finding service, has added in-flight Wi-Fi as a new metric for travelers. Sure, this is an indication of how deep the web has sunk its talons into us, but working on flights has become pretty much the standard in many offices.