It’s not about shared vs. dedicated. It’s about the application

Enterprise users have different reasons and preferences for deciding between shared and dedicated resources in the cloud. But most shouldn’t be making those decisions based on the infrastructure, but based on the application that they’re trying to run, execs at GigaOM’s Structure conference said.

GoGrid Says Huge Growth to Blame for New CEO

Earlier this week, cloud provider GoGrid announced that founder and original CEO John Keagy is leaving that post and transitioning into a new role, a decision Keagy told me this morning is the result of the company growing too fast.

Do Cheap Power and Massive Data Centers Really Matter?

GoGrid CEO John Keagy wrote on his blog yesterday that when it comes cloud computing, things such as cheap hydroelectric power and massive-scale data centers are overrated. His theory doesn’t make sense for every cloud provider, but he does make some good points.

AWS, GoGrid Empower Users, ISVs with Rights Management

Amazon Web Services and GoGrid both made some significant strides this week toward addressing digital-rights management issues. Neither feature is particularly sexy by cloud computing standards, but both are very necessary for bringing certain user and software-vendor communities into the fold.

Is There a Real Market for ‘Enterprise PaaS?’

Cloud provider Tier3 announced this morning that it has secured $8.5 million from Ignition Capital and Madrona Venture Group to fund its “enterprise platform-as-a-service” offering, a term that might not be entirely accurate, but that might actually be indicative of a forthcoming trend in cloud marketing.

Is Features vs. Performance the New Cloud Battle Line?

As Amazon Web Services continues to roll out new features and services for its cloud platform, its competitors increasingly tout better performance as a key point of differentiation, which has me wondering if either approach — more features or better performance — will clearly win out.

Why Amazon’s Cloud Competitors Won’t Follow into PaaS

Amazon Web Services needed to develop its own flavor of PaaS, the cleverly named Elastic Beanstalk, to keep up with cloud development trends, but that doesn’t mean the rest of its IaaS brethren need to follow suit – at least not in the immediate future.

GoGrid Fuses Cloud Capabilities to Dedicated Servers

Cloud provider GoGrid has expanded its Infrastructure-as-a-Service catalog by launching a Hosted Private Cloud that maintains all the features multitenant clouds, but on dedicated physical servers. It’s an interesting tactic, and it highlights the different value propositions and visions of the leading cloud providers.

Viliv X70 UMPC Deliveries Delayed: Component Shortage

Customers who ordered a Viliv X70 UMPC from retailer Dynamism have received emails informing them of a delivery delay. Dynamism cites a component shortage by the manufacturer, Viliv, as the reason for the delay. That doesn’t provide much comfort for those anxiously awaiting the arrival of their UMPC, but we can assume the UMPC revival is solid if components are in short supply. Those who are waiting delivery of their new X70 can watch our video review of the UMPC to see what they are missing:
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(via pocketables)

A Stick Figure Explains Microsoft Azure, and Other Cloud Video Gems

Yesterday I wrote almost 1,000 words on Microsoft’s Azure platform, but I think this video does a good job explaining the basics without all that pesky reading. Steve Marx, who works for Microsoft (s msft), pulled together a video in what I would call the “whiteboard genre” that explains not only Azure, but the basics of any platform as a service. It’s cute, and inspired me to compile a couple of other cloud-related videos, featuring gems such as IBM’s (s ibm) biography of a beekeeper who founded cloud computing, or this nice overview from HighTechDad (who also works for GoGrid, a cloud computing provider.) Any other favorites out there?