Tim Cook’s vision for Apple, and its cash

At Goldman Sachs’ investor conference Tuesday, Apple CEO Tim Cook gave some rare color on how he views not only his own job as Steve Jobs’ successor, but also his views on the company’s $98 billion cash pile.

Fire sale: Intel-backed SpectraWatt sold! … for $4.9M

After years of incubation and at least $91.4 million of private capital, silicon cell maker SpectraWatt was sold to Canadian Solar for about $4.95 million during an auction. The sale is a dismal end for the Intel-backed company.

Current’s pivot: From broadband to smart grid to overseas

You might remember the name Current, because at one point Google and other investors pumped over $200 million into the company to focus on broadband-over-powerlines. Jump forward six years and Current is now a smart grid company with new investors and focus on Europe and Asia.

What Wall Street is saying about Netflix

Netflix faced Wall Street analysts Monday to explain why its new subscription plans were a good idea. While many on Wall Street were surprised by the effect it will have on customer additions in the short-term, most agreed that the change won’t affect the long-term story.

Are Facebook and Goldman Sachs Reinflating the Bubble?

Goldman Sachs is reportedly investing $450 million in Facebook, giving the social networking company a theoretical market valuation of $50 billion and positioning it for what seems like an inevitable IPO. That may be good for Facebook and Goldman, but will it be good for investors?