Goodreads apologizes to members whose reviews it deleted

Goodreads faced backlash when it said that it would delete reviews that focus on an author’s behavior, rather than on a book’s contents, without warning. Now the company says it will send users the text of their reviews before deleting them.

Kobo stops using the Amazon-owned Goodreads API

Kobo is no longer using the Goodreads API to provide book ratings and reviews on its websites and apps. Maybe that’s not surprising, since Goodreads was acquired by Amazon in March.

GigaOM Reads: A look back at the week in tech

Its a unicorn. No it’s a phone. Actually it is Facebook Home, for now; Apple’s China Syndrome is making it think different; The Bit coin boom (& bust); Chrome & WebKit go to war and did Vdio really kill the Rdio star?