Google App Engine PHP Runtime now available to everyone

Remember when “polyglot PaaS” was the new thing? Five years after launching, App Engine now supports PHP, Python, Java and Google’s own Go programming language. Kidding aside, App Engine actually has matured quite a bit, has attracted some relatively big users and is part of an ever-impressive cloud platform at Google.

5 things you should know about Google’s cloud platform

Google cloud platform manager Greg DeMichillie was on our Structure Show podcast this week to defend Google’s position in the cloud computing market. He makes some fair points, but will they be enough to lure in developers and companies en masse?

AWS is the McDonald’s of the cloud. Who’s the Burger King?

It’s easy to characterize the cloud computing market as being Amazon Web Services’ to lose, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. McDonald’s dominates the fast food world, but life isn’t exactly bad for its dozens of competitors.