Online Identity Isn’t a Transaction — It’s a Feeling

Former Twitter CEO Evan Williams breaks the important aspects of identity down into five distinct pieces, including authentication and personalization. But the reality is that what we mean by “identity” can change from moment to moment, and that may be the most difficult problem of all.

Today in Social

A couple of social media personalities have recently decided to scale back on their use of the newer, micro- and real-time services like Google Buzz and Twitter. Partly, they say, due to a lack of control: specifically, the de-emphasis or outright loss of their personal archive. Others observe that social-stream clutter may be causing a decrease in two-way conversations. Indeed, Twitter seems more ephemeral than blogs or even Facebook status updates. And I miss the bloggers who used to offer a bit more than 140 characters in their link commentary, especially when they replace it with less frequent, essay-length posts. What do you think? Is micro-blogging ruining the medium?

Google Seeks to Hire “Head of Social”

Google says it’s willing to accept its shortcomings on social and bring in a “Head of Social” to set the right course. The company has hired an executive recruiter to fill the position, and is currently in the process of casting its net widely.

Google’s Horowitz on What Buzz Ultimately Aims To Do

What’s next for Google Buzz and Google Docs? Google’s VP of product management for Apps (aka everything but search and ads) Bradley Horowitz gave a bit of a roadmap last night, saying the motto he’s given his team is “We build apps for people, not markets.”