Google aims to make it easier to run Hadoop on its cloud

Developers have been able to run Google Compute virtual machines for Hadoop jobs but it was a little bit of a process. In theory, the new Google Cloud Storage Connector for Hadoop, now in preview, means those developers won’t have to sweat the niceties of managing a cluster and file system and can just run their jobs, according to the Google Cloud Platform Blog.

Maybe big data is the killer app for Google’s cloud

Hadoop is popular and so is cloud computing, so it comes as no surprise that a battle would break out to establish the best place for running Hadoop. Lately, Google has been scoring some victories on the user side.

5 things you should know about Google’s cloud platform

Google cloud platform manager Greg DeMichillie was on our Structure Show podcast this week to defend Google’s position in the cloud computing market. He makes some fair points, but will they be enough to lure in developers and companies en masse?