Google spiffs up its cloud — take that Amazon!

If you don’t think Google is serious about providing public cloud infrastructure to business users, check out the latest spate of services unveiled on the company’s enterprise blog. Google clearly wants to take on cloud king Amazon on its own turf.

Amazon suit shows Google as public cloud threat

At just a few months old, Google Compute Engine is seen as a threat to public cloud leader Amazon Web Services. At least that appears to be what Amazon thinks given its lawsuit against a former exec who is joining Google.

For its new cloud, Google learns old tricks

For years, tech vendors built complicated partner programs to sell, support and maintain their stuff and break into new markets. Now Google, Amazon are following suit with new-look partner programs. The goal is to bring new customer business into their respective clouds.

RightScale buys into cloud cost forecasting

The need for a way to plan and deploy cloud computing most efficiently is growing. The latest proof: RightScale’s acquisition of ShopForCloud, a free service that assesses the costs for cloud deployments before they’re rolled out. It works across multiple clouds and currencies.

Why performance will help Google steal cloud customers from Amazon

This week’s announcement by Google of its new Compute Engine cloud offering is a big deal, but most commentators are missing the real reason Google will get some stalwart Amazon customers to give Compute Engine a try. Performance, not scale, could be Google’s real differentiator.