Google Drive already referenced in Google Docs code

Google is getting ready to launch its very own cloud storage product, and the actual launch could happen very soon: Code referencing the Goole Drive has already popped up in Google Docs, where users can soon add shared items to their own Drive.

A plea for a better Google Docs

Most of us who work with Google Docs have or will at some point get frustrated with it. After a recent poll, it’s clear the product that we know and like could be so much better with more attention from its creator. Herewith is our manifesto.

Let’s make Google Docs suck less

Google Docs, which can be slow and hard to use, is an essential product in need of improvement. At GigaOM, we see problems as opportunity for innovation, so we invite you, readers, to weigh in on how would you fix or change Google’s extremely-handy-but-could-be-so-much-better productivity tools.

GoFileDrop now works with Gmail accounts

GoFileDrop is an app that adds a public mailbox to your Google Docs account, enabling anyone with the appropriate link to upload files to your account. It was previously only available to Google Apps customers, but it can now be installed by regular Gmail users.

5 steps for effective real-time document collaboration

It’s great to have access to technologies that allow us to collaborate on documents in real time. However, real-time collaboration, in fact all collaborative writing, will be more successful if you follow these five steps to integrate your writing process with your tool’s technical capabilities.

GoDropBox allows people to upload files to your Google Docs account

GoDropBox is a third-party add-on for Google Apps that adds a public mailbox to your Google Docs account, enabling anyone with the appropriate link to upload files to your account. This is handy for web workers who would like to accept files too big to email. adds social collaboration tools to Outlook 3.0, is an Outlook add-on that’s adding new social and collaboration features. The new “people” tab in the sidebar lets users see colleagues’ profiles and availability, displays an activity stream, and lets workers call, chat or videoconference directly.

These are the developers filling Google’s iPad app gap

Google hasn’t made nearly as many native apps for the iPad as it has for the iPhone, so you can probably count Google among those who think a web-based, cross-platform solution is just as good as an app for tablets. Luckily, third-party developers don’t agree.

Quick Tip: How to Use QuickFox Notes With Google Docs

QuickFox Notes is a great little note-taking add-on for Firefox, packed with an array of features. Its notes can be synced between different machines, and it also works with Simplenote. But by using an extension, you can modify QuickFox Notes to save notes to Google Docs.

Primadesk Wants to Be a File Manager for the Cloud

The proliferation of cloud storage providers has led to many of us storing our documents in a variety of different locations: Google Docs, Zoho, Dropbox,, etc. Primadesk is an app that wants to be a desktop file manager for the cloud.