i-mate axes most of Ultimate line

Smartphone maker i-mate created quite a stir when they announced a new Ultimate line of PDA/ smartphones consisting of five devices that included the 7150 clamshell which looked to be a good competitor to the HTC Advantage.  Word has come out today that i-mate is canceling all but two of the Ultimate line for reasons unknown.  Unfortunately they are only moving forward with the 6150 and 8150, arguably the two most boring of the line.  Let’s hope this information is proven to be false.  The two Ultimates are expected to ship in October.


(via engadget mobile)

UPDATE: Crave is reporting that this is a rumor and untrue according to i-mate.  I am so glad to hear that!

CNET Asia contacted i-mate Asia Pacific and the official word is thecompany still plans to launch all models, but will do so in a staggeredfashion starting with the 8150 and 6150.

Dell Adds Zing, But Will It Sing?

Dell has been bitten by the consumer electronics bug again. It has acquired Mountain View, Calif.-based Zing, a company started by Tim Bucher, a former Apple employee. Terms of the deal were not announced.
Bucher sold his previous company Mirra to Seagate for an undisclosed amount after hitting a rough patch. Zing is primarily a software-focused company, that partners with hardware makers like Sandisk. Dell has a dismal record when it comes to consumer electronics, and the Zing acquisition won’t change that anytime soon.

Apple Sales Program I’d Like to See

How great would it be if Apple were to offer a Tiered Referral program on sales of their computers? We’ve all probably helped show a friend or two (or several…) the light by bringing them to the Apple platform. Now wouldn’t it be cool to get Referral Bucks or a percentage discount each time you referred a new person into the Apple cult world of computing?

Then we could take that concept a step further: My father in law was responsible for my [re-]entry into using Apple computers, and thus begins the pyramid scheme structure of referrals. So for every person I refer, I get my bucks/percentage off/points (or whatever) and then he either gets a lesser number of points for being the initial referral link. (Oooo – and then when you get enough points in a year, you get a little Apple Branded SmartCar – think the Wii-mobile form the tv commercials. Those Mary Kay ladies have the right idea! Just for the record, I’m laughing idiotically the farther I take this idea.)

Yeah, I know, this is all just ridiculous. Apple Store employees don’t work on commission in the first place, so why should regular consumers get a piece of the pie in any way/shape/form? I’m just enjoying a fun day dream, so humor me here. However, were this to be a valid program, man, I’d have paid for at least one new Mac for myself by now…

Moving Day & Moved… Club Om to open soon

I am dead tired. After coming from DEMO, all I have done is work, and pack. I am even dreaming of boxes and packing tape. Anyway today was the big moving day. The movers arrived promptly at 11.30 am, and since I was all packed and ready to go, well in an hour we moved. Into the new apartment – which is a stone’s throw from work – and well by 2.30 all the stuff was moved into the apartment. Mind you, the furniture is not going to show up for next few days, so I guess, I will be dealing with blogging while supine issues. I unpacked all the clothes, and shoes. The kitchen is functioning … I am sipping my first cup of coffee in my apartment. The bathroom is all set, and well, the only big task for me is to unpack three boxes and revive the digital lifestyle.

I am writing this and posting it over an AT&T UMTS connection, which is faster than most of the open WiFi connections in the building. Cannot really hook anything up right now because the network is not up – why? Waiting for the cable guy to show up and install everything. Then the toys will come out. Still, I feel elated. Love the new apartment and glad to be out of the old one. New beginnings!

Curious Case of Level 3

Andy Abramson reports that there maybe more lay-offs at Level 3 and this time the cuts might hit the middle management.

While I have no inside information, some people close to the company keep whispering that more layoffs are possibly planned and that the cuts will go into the ranks of some Vice Presidents. What is clear is that as a company Level3 has not met its expectations and the question is all about the board of directors intentions and how it will in turn handle the company’s day to day leadership.

The company is clearly struggling to find its groove and is being slammed by the ever declining bandwidth prices, result of too much competition in the marketplace.