Google’s Chromecast has been used for more than one billion casts

Google still hasn’t released any sales numbers for its Chromecast streaming stick, but Google’s Chief Business officer Omid Kordestani updated investors on one metric during the company’s Q4 call Thursday: Chromecast reached one billion cast sessions last week, Kordestani said.

This means that Chromecast usage seems to be accelerating: Google VP of product management Mario Queiroz told us at our Structure Connect back in October that Chromecast had reached 650 million cast sessions. Three months before that, the number of sessions was at 400 million.

Google defines a “cast session” as a user pressing the cast button within an Android, iOS or web app. In other words: Streaming multiple YouTube videos to your TV one after another counts as just one session.

Google put a lot of energy into international expansion for Chromecast in 2014. At CES, it also introduced Google Cast for audio, adding casting to connected loudspeakers from Denon, LG and Sony. Queiroz told me at Structure Connect that the company plans to introduce a V2 of Chromecast in the future.

Here’s my interview with Queiroz back in October:


Google can’t rest on its laurels

Google revenues were up 32 percent, to a record $9 billion. Android activates 550,000 devices a day. Google+ had 10 million users in less than two weeks of limited availability.

But Google can’t ease up on the accelerator. Though Google¬†dominates search, U.S. query volume is flat and paid clicks and average prices sluggish. Google could address potential threats to its search and advertising business with better product integration. It needs to double down on display advertising and show a plan for ads on Google+, because that might be its next big source of page views. To read about more about the places where Google could connect the dots,¬†check out my weekly update at GigaOM Pro.