Goodbye, Google Enterprise; hello, Google for Work

The Google rebranding is meant to advance the notion that users use the same tools at home and on the job. But another factor could be that Microsoft still reigns supreme in “enterprise” accounts.

Google Enterprise chief Girouard heads to startup

David Girouard, who led Google’s push into enterprise applications, is leaving the company for a startup called An eight-year veteran with the search giant, Girouard led Google’s push to take on Microsoft in desktop applications and email. Girouard posted the news to Google+ Friday.

A new way to Google hotels: Hotel Finder

Most travel search sites share pretty much the same layout: They’re cluttered with search boxes, radio dials, and drop-down menus galore, and of course, ads. Lots of them. Google’s new Hotel Finder has a refreshing approach. It’s clean, uncluttered, and totally sans ads.