Mainstream Commenters Choose Yahoo Logins

When given a choice of login systems, visitors to mainstream media properties such as Slate, Forbes, Newsweek, Discovery, Time and Press Enterprise are most likely to choose Yahoo, according to data collected by commenting system Echo, which helps power such sites.

Weekend Vid Picks: I Want My Music Web TV

The MTV video music awards are on tonight, but as the tired joke goes, when was the last time MTV really played a music video? When it comes to the spreading of music in video form, it’s all about the web these days. A couple of unconventional approaches I’ve noticed recently:
The New Mexico band Brokencyde, whose music belongs to the Screamo-crunk genre (don’t worry, I hadn’t heard of it, either), made a three-part web series about the recording of their first studio album. Even if Screamo-crunk isn’t exactly to your tastes, it’s still a funny introduction to the band and its members. NSFW for the language and the marijuana.

Meanwhile, Paramour covered Kings of Leon’s Use Somebody at BBC Radio’s Live Lounge last weekend, and a video of said cover has been viral all week. It’s a solid rendition, given greater authenticity by the video’s documentary-esque style. Read More about Weekend Vid Picks: I Want My Music Web TV

Rumor Has It: Apple to Refresh MacBook

macbook_whiteAppleInsider’s Kasper Jade today reports that Apple (s aapl) has new plans for its workhorse laptop, the MacBook. This will be the first time since the product’s launch in 2006 that the company’s entry-level Mac has received a complete design update.

The MacBook is the best-selling computer in the history of the company. It introduced many of the features we take for granted in today’s high-end MacBook Pro machines. The MagSafe connector and latchless lids might be expected of Apple’s laptops these days, but they originally debuted in the diminutive MacBooks more than three years ago.
The report claims that the MacBooks were slated to be discontinued, but that at a redesign the company will “solidify them at the base of the Mac maker’s notebook offerings for the foreseeable future.” Read More about Rumor Has It: Apple to Refresh MacBook

MySpace Launches ID Effort, Open Platform

myspaceidNow that Facebook has launched its Facebook Connect and Google (s GOOG) countered with Friend Connect, surprise surprise, MySpace (s NWS) is launching its own effort, MySpaceID. (It was, until recently, labeled Data Availability.)  MySpaceID consists of two core components: Open Standards (“The Open Stack” including OpenSocial, OAuth, and OpenID) and Google Friend Connect.

    How all this works – I don’t know, and frankly, I don’t care. What it is essentially meant to do is what Facebook Connect does: act as a tool to federate and aggregate web services on the MySpace social network. It allows people to publish activities from partner sites such as Eventful, Flixster, and new partners Vodafone and Netvibes — all of which are developing MySpaceID implementations.  On a grander scale, all this talk about IDs and Connects is just that — a lot of talk.

    Read More about MySpace Launches ID Effort, Open Platform

    Facebook Launches Connect, Finally

    Given how much has already been written about Facebook Connect, you would think that the service has been available for eons. In fact the service that was first announced in May — which allows you to use your Facebook login to access Facebook’s partner web sites, desktop apps or mobile devices, then broadcast what you’re doing on those sites to all of your Facebook friends — officially launched today.

    Nearly 100 web sites have implemented Facebook Connect as part of a pre-launch rollout. The social networking site claims that as a result, these sites are getting 66 percent more registrations and have 50 percent more engagement. I’m not sure how they calculate this with such pin-point accuracy; it seems like marketing hocus-pocus to me. Nevertheless, the number and quality of launch partner sites is one reason why Facebook is going to get more traction compared to its rivals. These are all highly trafficked services (with few exceptions) that will help Facebook Connect become part of the social web infrastructure.

    Since I, too, have written extensively about Facebook Connect already, I won’t spend any more time on it. As background, just read two of my previous posts.

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  3. There is one school of thought which says that Facebook Connect could have a direct impact on blogs and blog comment aggregators like Disqus as FC can subsume some of their functionality.