A Google Glass app I want made: carbon emissions viewer

Google is showing off samples of the first apps made by companies for its new augmented reality device Google Glass, including apps to read headlines, email and see photos. But this is the app I really want: augmented reality to overlay carbon emissions data.

GigaOM Reads: A look back at the week in tech

Groupon CEO Andrew Mason fired, Google CEO Sergey Brin feels emasculated by phones but not by nerd glasses and Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer is putting an end to remote work. Plus Oscars & Fashion. Here is our take on the week that was!

The part of wearables that geeks forget about: not looking like a tool

The emergence of wearables — connected devices you wear on your body — is sweeping big tech companies like Google and Apple, as well as startups like Misfit Wearables. But if the devices are just plain dorky-looking they’re going to struggle to break into the mainstream.

Want Google Glass? You’ll need some luck (and $1,500)

Google announced Wednesday that it’s making Google Glass, its augmented reality smart glasses, available to a lucky few U.S. residents. But they’ll need good social networking skills, $1500 and possibly a plane ticket.

Revealed: the finalists for the 2012 Crunchies

Five finalists have been chosen in 20 different categories for the 2012 Crunchies awards, and we’re proud to release the worthy nominees today. Voting for the winners starts today, and the winners will be announced January 31st.

13th Lab raises $700,000 to build its ‘UI for reality’

Swedish startup 13th Lab has just raised $700,000 from Nordic investors Creandum to help build its augmented reality browser and developer tools for iOS. But forget about tacky versions of AR: this team is trying to build a real interface between the digital and the physical.