What Yelp’s IPO means about the future of crowdsourced media

Yelp announced pricing of its planned IPO, with plans to sell 7.15 million shares at $12 to $14 a share. But the important thing is that Yelp has shown there is a real business to be made out of building and growing a community of users.

Did the AP just declare war on news aggregators?

A lawsuit filed by the Associated Press against news aggregator Meltwater, accusing it of copyright infringement and “free riding” on its content, is just another sign that the newswire is trying to fight the democratization of distribution that the web provides instead of trying to adapt to it.

Don’t look now but Microsoft Azure is a kick-butt cloud

Microsoft’s ambitious Windows Azure cloud is many things — it’s a full-fledged PaaS for developers. But beneath that, it is also a huge pool of foundational storage infrastructure for rent. And in that arena, it could be the only real competitor to Amazon.

Happy birthday, Flickr!

Today happens to be the 8th birthday of Flickr, a groundbreaking photo-sharing service that introduced to the world the founding principles of the social web: community, sharing, openness and social connections. Flickr today languishes in the shadow of newer photo-sharing services. Sad, really!

Google algorithm guy, Microsoft DSP expert get NAE nod

Two industry luminaries — Google Fellow Amit Singhal and Microsoft Distinguished Engineer Henrique “Rico” Malvar — were elected to the The National Academy of Engineering this week. Singhal oversees Google’s search algorithms and Malvar specializes in signal processing and compression.

That Google mystery device? It’s basically a Sonos

Google’s mystery device has been unveiled by The Wall Street Journal as a Sonos-like platform for wirelessly streaming music around the home. But the most important thing is that Google is moving beyond software to making a branded hardware device of its own.

This man wants to kill QR codes. Can he do it?

Advertisers and publishers have swarmed over QR codes as they try to add interactivity to analog media. Now the Swiss team behind retooled mobile app Shortcut hopes they can help make the black-and-white glyphs a thing of the past.

Lessons from Path and Pinterest: Tell users everything

Path and Pinterest are getting some significant backlash because of recent decisions that appeared to put their interests ahead of their users and a lack of disclosure about that behavior. It’s a welcome reminder that the trust of users is not something to be taken lightly.