Could Google Instant Be Worth $1.5 Billion in 2011?

Despite Google’s comments that its new search update Google Instant has had a minimal effect on revenue, it hasn’t stopped Morgan Stanley from upping its revenue estimates by $1.5 billion for 2011, based largely on the strength of Google Instant’s potential impact.

Google Instant Coming to Mobile & I Can’t Wait

Google Instant is a natural and necessary progression for the search giant, especially in the multi-touch, always-on-wherever-you-go computing environment. If all goes well, it is coming to iPhones as well as BlackBerry and Android devices near you later this fall.

For Google, Capex Costs Are Worth the Money

Google’s recent push into tablets and mobile, along with offering new search services such as Google Instant, are pushing up the company’s capex, which is slotted to grow almost 184 percent in 2010. Next year will be even higher. And all this spending is good.

Generate YouTube Playlists on the Fly With

Google Instant-like search interfaces are all the rage with YouTube mash-up developers right now: First, there was, and now there is – a site that makes it possible to instantly search for clips, compile them to a playlist and share it with your networks.

3 Tips for Enhancing Feed-Based User Interfaces

Feed-based UIs can deliver great user experiences when properly enhanced. For companies that offer information or communications services and are looking to implement feeds as UIs, there are a few additional features to consider when adding value to raw, time-based feeds.

Friday Fun: Google Instant Music Video Creator

In a surprisingly watchable music video parody, Urlesque uses Google Instant to dramatize Billy Joel’s parody-friendly “We Didn’t Start the Fire.” It’s less than two minutes long; it’s cheeky; it’s tech-related; and it’s Friday, so go watch.

Google Instant: A Mobile App Approach to Search

Google launched today a revision of its core search technology called Google Instant. Instant acts and feels like a mobile app, and in my opinion would make more sense if it was one. But instead, it was launched as an tweak to Google’s web site.

Google Instant Turbocharges Search

Today Google announced a “fundamental shift” in search, where results are displayed before a user finishes typing a query. We’re covering the launch event at San Francisco’s MOMA, and will be updating this post as it proceeds.