For Startups Pitching VCs, Three Is a Magic Number

Hoping to get funding for your startup? You’ll have better luck if you aren’t going it alone, according to several venture capital investors on a panel session at this week’s Google I/O Conference. Two to three co-founders is a “sweet spot” for investors.

Video Interview: What Makes Chromebooks Unique?

Google wants to persuade end users, corporations and school that Chromebooks represent a new and better way of computing. But what about netbooks, Android devices and strapped school budgets? Chrome VP Sundar Pichai answers the question on everyone’s minds: Why should we buy a Chromebook?

Forget the Chromebook, Get Ready for Android Robots!

While the big news from Google I/O was today’s official launch of Chromebooks, other Google partners are thinking about new mobility paradigms. Take iRobot, the folks behind the Roomba. Their new Ava robot uses an Android tablet for sight, sound, speech and, of course, apps.

Chromebook PR Reveals a More People-Pleasing Google

The Chromebook emphasis on user experience reflects a bit of a departure for Google, which has faced criticism in the past for focusing more on algorithms and engineering than on the people using their products.

Google Chromebooks: What You Need to Know

If netbook sales are declining, why would Google announce, not one but two new Chromebook devices with Chrome OS? Google’s web expertise has turned data synchronization into a core feature instead of a useful, but tricky add-on that traditional netbooks don’t deliver out of the box.

Chrome Web Store Goes Global, Unveils In-App Payments

Google rolled out two new updates to its Chrome Web Store to allow application developers to reach more people — and make more money. Developers can enable simple in-app payments with one line of code, with Google taking only a 5-percent share of the revenue.