Google scrambles to fix Events after celebs yelp

Despite the “Google+ is a ghost town” mantra, a number of high-profile people are active users. They also yelp when they’re unhappy and when Google+ Events went live, flooding feeds, that’s what some of them did — drawing attention to a launch for all the wrong reasons.

Google Docs goes offline while Drive comes to iOS

The hits keep coming from day two of Google I/O: The company announced the long awaited Google Docs offline capability, allowing users to edit docs without a connection to the web. Apple iOS gained the Chrome browser earlier in the day, but also get Google Drive.

Google releases Chrome for iPhone and iPad

Google’s Chrome browser is coming to iOS devices: The browser will be available both for iPhone and iPad via iTunes later today. This brings cross-device Chrome synching to iOS – and for Google represents a significant step towards capturing the mobile browser market.

Our Google I/O Day Two live coverage is here

Google is expected to focus much more on the Web during the second day of its Google I/O show, with news expected about a new cloud service that you first heard from GigaOM. Just like yesterday, we’ll be providing live coverage of the event here.

Google I/O: Day One by the numbers

Google I/O got off to an eventful start thanks to keynote delays, pre-release of news on Google’s websites before it was announced on stage and an epic skydiving stunt. Here is a quick run-down of day one by the numbers:

Want to speed up mobile YouTube? Google makes it easy

As Android improves, so too does YouTube. Google updated its video application for devices running Android 4.0 or better by focusing on subscriptions and channels in the mobile interface. And you can now pre-load certain videos to help reduce the amount of buffering while mobile.

Google wants developers to take a leap with Project Glass

Google doesn’t mess around: The company demoed its Project Glass hardware with a live skydiving demo at Google I/O Wednesday. It also announced that developers are going to be able to pre-order Glass for $1500 – but said little about what Glass will actually offer.

Jelly Bean: What you need to know about Android 4.1

At its I/O conference Google unveiled the next update to Android, version 4.1, aka Jelly Bean. The update, which will first become available as an over-the-air download next month, brings a lot of nice improvements and some cool enhancements to search, notifications and navigation.