Gmail’s new translation service

Reading an email from your developer in Japan, or your prospective business partner in Argentina? Forget copy and pasting into Google Translate to decode the message.

Google now offers automatic translation for incoming emails. There are options to turn off translation or automatically translate all messages in a particular language. The translation feature started as a Gmail labs experiment nearly three years ago and got positive reviews for both business and personal correspondence.

Google is also adopting some of its other lab experiments for Gmail, including Title Tweaks and Smart Mute. Your browser tab will now lead with the number of new messages, displaying “Inbox (20) – [email protected] – Gmail” rather than “Gmail – Inbox (20) – [email protected]Smart Mute allows long email threads to be archived without showing up in your inbox, unless you are directly addressed.

Google is also discontinuing several Gmail Labs inventions, including some entertaining ones like Mail Goggles and tools like Inbox Previews. Other retirees include Old Snakey, Mouse Gestures, Hide Unread Counts, Move Icon Column, Custom Date Formats, and the SMS in Chat gadget.

Thumbnail image courtesy of Shutterstock user [Roman Sigaev].

Is Google becoming more mature — but less interesting?

Ever since co-founder Larry Page took over as CEO in January, Google has been getting more businesslike, shutting down projects like Google Health and now Google Labs. While this may be a sign of maturity, it could also make the company less experimental — and less interesting.

Vid-Biz: Diller, U.K., Google Labs

Diller: Web in Early Stages of Ad Potential; IAC Chairman says ad models based on oldteevee will play a greater role in online video — that means pre- and post-rolls and commercials that interrupt content. (MediaWeek)

U.K. Vid Stats: 27 Million People Watched 3 Billion Online Videos; Google sites (read: YouTube) attracted nearly 50 percent of all videos viewed online. (comScore)

Google Labs Launches Audio Indexing; new site expands on the transcription and indexing tool launched a couple months ago with “search within video” and “sharing” features, as well as a new interface. (Google Blog)

Dailymotion Signs Deals With Web Rights Holders; video-sharing company signs pacts with three French unions giving rights holders ad-revenue sharing. (Variety)

More Content Companies at This Year’s CES; Universal, MTV and Buena Vista have all secured exhibition space as the trade show makes a push for more programmer involvement. (Broadcasting & Cable)

Howard Stein Joins Freemantle; former Yahoo exec will develop and produce original online content. (Variety)