Google Play is the new Android Market

Google has decided to overhaul the way it presents all of its digital content–apps, music, movies, and books–by changing the name of the Android Market to Google Play, in hopes of increasing interest in its content wares and simplifying the experience.

A look back at mobile predictions for 2011

As 2011 comes to a close, I’m thinking ahead to what mobile technology trends I expect to see in 2012. While I formulate those thoughts for a post later this week, now is a good time to see how I did with my 2011 predictions.

3 ways to turn your Apple TV into a holiday decoration

The Apple TV can quickly be configured to turn any HDTV into a stunning holiday decoration, even without iTunes credentials. In addition to an HDTV and Apple TV, all you really need is connectivity to the internet via Ethernet or Wi-Fi and an HDMI cable

Google Music’s real innovation: The indie artist hub

Google’s music platform may look a lot like iTunes, but for small indie artists, there’s lots to like. Google treats musicians like Android app developers, offering them a 70 percent market share. Add YouTube as a sales platform, and it could be a game changer.

Google launches music store with social sharing, indie artist hub

Google launched its music service Wednesday, giving end users access to a catalog of 13 million songs. The service also works in sync with Google’s music cloud locker and offers sharing features through Google+. Artists will be able to sell their music directly through the service.

No more iTunes Match streaming in iOS 5 beta 7

With the release of iOS 5 beta 7 for Apple’s mobile devices, the company has turned off streaming in iTunes Match. People can still listen to music as it downloads, but it will remain on the device. Is the change likely to affect the product’s appeal?