Why the NYT-Flipboard deal is a smart move

A partnership between the New York Times and Flipboard isn’t just noteworthy because it is a first for the newspaper. It could also be a sign that the NYT‘s philosophical approach toward content in the digital age might be changing for the better.

Did the AP just declare war on news aggregators?

A lawsuit filed by the Associated Press against news aggregator Meltwater, accusing it of copyright infringement and “free riding” on its content, is just another sign that the newswire is trying to fight the democratization of distribution that the web provides instead of trying to adapt to it.

GigaOM’s top 10 green stories of 2011

Which stories dominated the green GigaOM clicks in 2011? This year was filled with smart thermostats, a dream of Apple getting into solar, the bankruptcy of Solyndra, the efficiency of cloud computing, Google’s green data centers and Tesla’s Model S.

Google doesn’t seem to get how media works now

While Google’s new Currents app for mobile news-reading is seen by some as a competitor to Flipboard and Zite, there are some crucial differences between them that make me wonder whether Google really understands how media is changing and how they can take advantage of that.

Can Google News compete with Twitter and Facebook?

Google says it’s adding +1 recommendations to Google News. But has the web giant lost the social news market to Twitter and Facebook, or could the integration of recommendations with the Google+ network allow it to catch up and become a strong competitor?

When is Google going to really disrupt the news business?

Google has already disrupted plenty of markets — search and online advertising being just two of them — and is trying hard to disrupt many others, including mobile. So why is the company so backward when it comes to the way it treats the online news business?

Google, this is why you’re under investigation

Those who questioned whether European regulators were right to open an antitrust investigation into Google’s activities last year should take a look at the data again, as the company’s dominance across the continent reaches new heights — and new depths, too.

Shhh! Don’t Tell Google News You’re a Blog!

Google added some features to Google News, including the ability to choose to see less news from blogs. But how does the search giant define the term “blog?” There’s no easy answer to that, which reinforces why the distinction doesn’t really make any sense any more.