UK startup defends Huddle name against Google — again

The new Google+ social product includes a group chat application named “Huddle.” At least one company is particularly nonplussed with the app: Huddle, a London-based startup that provides cloud-based communication software. But this is not the first time Google has stepped on Huddle’s brand name turf.

3 things the Google+ iOS app needs to become a killer app

According to a Google employee, Google+ has an official iOS app currently undergoing the App Store review process at Apple. Other Google apps on iOS have fewer features than their Android counterparts, but here are three things Google can’t leave out of this one.

Google plans to open Hangouts for interoperability

Hangouts may be the killer feature of Google Plus, but the ability to join a Hangout could eventually come to third-party apps and services as well. Google has said that it wants to bring interoperability to the service, which could spell further trouble for Skype.

Are we becoming slaves to the “like” button?

A Wall Street Journal article argues that the proliferation of “like” buttons, retweets and other online voting encourages conformity in online behavior, and that we don’t reveal our “true selves” online because we are afraid of being voted down by the crowd. But is this true?

Why Google+ could find a home in the workplace

Last week, Google rolled out a largely well-received beta of its new social networking platform, Google+. Having played with Google+ over the last few days, I think that it may find a home in a perhaps unexpected market: the workplace.