TeliaSonera drops extra VoIP fees but raises rates

A data plan to charge consumers extra for Skype, Google Talk or other VoIP calls has been squashed by TeliaSonera; sort of. Instead of the planned 6 Euro fee for 5 to 10 hours of VoIP calls, the operator is simply raising rates for all.

Google Talk is silenced

The popular Google Talk app is down for most users on Thursday morning. This snafu, which cut many people off from their instant messaging/video chat app of choice, along with today’s WIndows Azure snafu in Europe, show the dark side of cloud computing.

Poll: Which mobile video chat service do you use?

Many mainstream consumers were introduced to mobile video chat via Apple’s FaceTime service, but video calling from phones has been around for a while and works on regular cellular networks. Now that we have a number of mobile video chat services, which are you using?

Google Talk and Hangouts close to go native in Chrome

Chrome will soon feature an open-source and open-codec implementation of Google Talk and Google+ Hangouts voice and video chat, thanks to the WebRTC framework the company open-sourced earlier this year. This implementation will replace the proprietary plugin that’s currently bundled with Chrome.

3 reasons the Nexus S is coming to AT&T: N, F and C

Google is bringing Samsung’s Nexus S smartphone to AT&T’s network on July 24 for $99 with a two-year contract. Customers can preorder the handset today online or in a Best Buy store. Why launch a handset that’s a bit behind current hardware? Google Wallet comes to mind.

The technology behind Google+ Hangouts

Google’s new Hangouts video chat service is one of the most interesting features of its Google+ project. A look behind the tech curtain reveals that Google has big plans for Hangouts, using cutting edge technology to make it run natively on a wide range of devices.

What do you use for Mac and iOS video chat?

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video will save you even more typing. There are lots of video chat options out there now for both Mac and iOS, and the competition is fierce. Which is your go-to client on either platform, and why?

Vtok Launches Google Video Chat App for More Android Phones

Google grabbed headlines when it made Google Talk functionality available on Android version 2.3.4, launching first on the Google Nexus S. But now there’s an option for the rest of the Android ecosystem, as tiny SkyMobius has issued the latest version of its Vtok app.

Google Brings Video Chat to Android Devices

After nearly 16 months, my Google Nexus One is finally out-of-date. That’s a record for me keeping one single phone, but it’s time for an upgrade, because Google just announced video chat capabilities in Android 2.3.4, rolling out to the Nexus S and other new phones.