Control your Android Lollipop system settings by voice

If you’re in a hands-free situation and need to control certain system functions of your Android 5.0 handset by voice, you can now do that. Android Police noticed on Friday that speaking to the Google Search app on a phone with Lollipop software can control your phone’s radios and flashlight.

Saying, “OK [company]Google[/company], turn on Bluetooth,” for example, will do just that. I’m more excited about the radio controls over the flashlight, mainly because if I need a flashlight, I’ll probably be holding the phone to direct the beam of light. Then again, if you need a little nightlight in the hours before dawn, this could be useful.

I’m surprised Google didn’t enable such voice controls for system functions soon and I hope it continues to expand them. In iOS 8, you can already control the radios by voice though Siri; handy for those (like me) that don’t typically have Bluetooth on, but need it in a pinch to wirelessly AirDrop a file, for example.

If you have Android 5.0, you’ll just need to make sure your Google Search app is up to date. For those with Android 4.4 (KitKat), the functions aren’t there. Perhaps Google will migrate them down through a future update of Google Search.