Google Voice can now boot unknown callers to oblivion (or VM)

Google Voice gained new calling features giving users more control over incoming calls. While you could always customize ringtones or actions, you could only do so for known callers. Google Voice can now handle custom actions for people in your address book and for anonymous callers.

Google Voice VM now part of Android’s phone app

Google Voice on Android 4.0 devices gained a software update on Thursday, allowing users to listen to their Google voicemail directly in the native phone app. This type of integration is unlikely to appear on competing platforms, giving Android a potential differentiator.

Random startups are eating almost $14B in operator sales

Viber. WhatsApp. Google Voice. These services are alternative ways to send IMs or speak across mobile platforms and are challenging the mobile carriers at their own game. In the last year, these apps and more familiar services helped cut $13.9 billion in operator revenue.

Rogers’ new One Number: Is this the future of telco voice?

It was only a matter of time before a major operator abandoned its territorial notions about mobile voice and adopted a true ‘softphone’ service, and that operator appears to be Rogers Communications. It’s severing the bond between the mobile phone number and the mobile phone.