Can Samsung’s 5.3″ Galaxy Note bridge phone and tablet use?

Samsung’s Galaxy Note straddles the line between smartphone and tablet, thanks to the 5.3-inch display. As voice calling has become a secondary feature for some smartphone owners, is the next growth market one filled with these devices that double as both smartphone and tablet?

Updated: Ribbit croaks, just three years after $105m BT deal

The decision by British Telecom to buy internet telephony service Ribbit for $105m in 2008 drew out plenty of questions. Three years later the criticisms have come full circle, with news that the most visible part of the business is being shut down.

Caller ID arrives on T-Mobile phones, old school style

Knowing who’s calling your mobile phone before you take the call is great, right up until you get a call from someone not in your contact list. T-Mobile phones can get old-school caller ID functionality with Name ID, a new monthly subscription service engineered by Cequint.

These are the developers filling Google’s iPad app gap

Google hasn’t made nearly as many native apps for the iPad as it has for the iPhone, so you can probably count Google among those who think a web-based, cross-platform solution is just as good as an app for tablets. Luckily, third-party developers don’t agree.

Your iPad’s a Telephone With Google Voice

Out of the box, Apple has you covered on your iPad 2 with FaceTime for video chat. But if all you want to do is replicate a phone connection, Google Voice and two native iOS apps may be just what you’re looking for.

9 Great Alternatives to Skype for VoIP and Video Chat

While there’s probably no single provider that provides an exact like-for-like replacement for all of Skype’s features, there are plenty of companies offering great VoIP and video calling services; some of which are even better than Skype’s. Here is a list of my favorites:

Kinect + Skype = Video Calling Magic

There may be many questions about Microsoft’s decision to buy Skype, but one thing is for sure: It can take video conferencing video calling to a whole different level, thanks to Kinect. If you watch these videos, you can easily imagine the future of video calls.

8×8 Virtual Office Solo: A Business Phone Service for Individuals

If you have a one-person office and are looking for an affordable telecommunications package, provider 8×8’s new Virtual Office Solo may be worth a look. Calls may be sent and received through most web browsers. When you’re away, calls can be forwarded.

netTALK Duo: Cheap VoIP Calls, No PC Required

netTALK has introduced the Duo, a hardware-plus-service option that’s about as simple to set up as anything I’ve seen. Plug it into an Ethernet connection, power and a phone, activate it, and you’ve got unlimited calling to the U.S. and Canada, and cheap rates elsewhere.