Google+ app for iPad hits the iTunes store

Google just released a native Google+ app for the iPad, which includes support for Google’s Hangouts group video chats. The video chat service is also coming to the iPhone, and both devices are getting limited support for Google+ Events.

Google+ Hangouts get live captions

Google’s Hangouts group video chat service just got more accessible to deaf and hard-of-hearing people, thanks to a new app called Hangout Captions. The app allows users to caption conversations in real time or use professional transcription services. Machine-powered transcription could be next.

Hangouts become centerpiece of Google’s developer outreach

Google launched a new section of its developer site called Google Developers Live Tuesday that aims to be a central destination for third-party developers in need of help with their projects. The effort hinges on Google+ Hangouts, the company’s popular group video chat platform.

Google+ redesign foreshadows app platform

Google gave its Google+ platform a significant facial lift Wednesday morning, simplifying access to some of its core functions with a new sidebar. Right now, it only hosts a half dozen Google+ shortcuts, but eventually, it could be come a launchpad for third-party apps.

YouTube to use Hangouts to teach about video production

YouTube is starting another round of its Next Creators programs, and this time, it’s inviting people from eight countries to join in from home: The site will teach producers for three months via Google+ Hangouts how to make better fitness and cooking videos.

Felicia Day turns to Hangouts to promote new show

Felicia Day wants to meet and greet as many fans as possible to promote her new web series. That’s why she is using Google+ Hangouts, with a twist: Day is experimenting with something she dubbed Hangout Housecalls, switching from one Hangout session to another.

How Google’s Hangouts API could change social video

Sites like Vimeo or Hulu could soon utilize Google+ Hangouts to let their users interact with each other in real time, thanks to the new Hangouts API. The API makes allows anyone to develop apps for Hangouts, and video services could benefit greatly from it.

Google adds Hangouts live streaming & Hangouts mobile

Google is bolstering the feature set of its popular Google+ Hangouts video chat service by adding the ability to broadcast Hangouts sessions to an unlimited number of participants. Hangouts users can also now chat with their mobile devices, share their screens and access other Google services.

Google can’t rest on its laurels

Google revenues were up 32 percent, to a record $9 billion. Android activates 550,000 devices a day. Google+ had 10 million users in less than two weeks of limited availability.

But Google can’t ease up on the accelerator. Though Google dominates search, U.S. query volume is flat and paid clicks and average prices sluggish. Google could address potential threats to its search and advertising business with better product integration. It needs to double down on display advertising and show a plan for ads on Google+, because that might be its next big source of page views. To read about more about the places where Google could connect the dots, check out my weekly update at GigaOM Pro.