Mobile virtualization: Another nail in the PC coffin

There’s a trend building, and it’s not good for the PC industry. It’s not tablet and smartphone growth — although that’s part of the trend — but virtualization on mobile devices. This allows remote PC access from a tablet, for example, and could hurt already slowing PC sales.

14 iPad Apps to Remotely Control Your Work Computer

With the new iPad 2 on the way, many teams may be considering whether iPads can replace laptops as tools for remote workers. That may be possible with one of the many remote control and screen sharing apps available for the iPad.

GoToMyPC Debuts for iPad

Citrix’s popular remote access tool GoToMyPC is now available for the iPad , with a new app that lets users access files, programs and network resources on desktop Macs or PCs from their tablets, and can can remotely connect via 3G or Wi-Fi networks.

GoToMy PC for the Mac

In looking towards some potential 2010 project opportunities, remote access to one or more of the Macs (s aapl) in my home office could very well become a requirement for me. Even if these potential projects hadn’t hit my radar, enabling remote access to my primary Mac machine has been something I’d like to¬†achieve.

Citrix Online — best known for Windows-based (s msft) web conferencing and remote access tools — recently brought out GoToMy PC for the Mac. It’s available with a 30-day free trial, plus a range of pricing, depending on your needs. Read More about GoToMy PC for the Mac