Talent acquisitions: Facebook’s kiss of death

Nobody was surprised when Gowalla announced that it would be shutting down after selling to Facebook — after all, almost none of the services it has bought in the past five years have stayed alive. But is this sell up-shut down approach fair on users?

It’s official: Facebook buys Gowalla team

Gowalla has had a good run in the location-based check-in market, taking on Foursquare before getting lapped by its New York rival. Now, Facebook is confirming it has bought the team behind Austin-based Gowalla to bolster its new Timeline feature.

Gowalla looks for relevance as a local travel guide

Gowalla, like many other check-in services, has had trouble keeping pace with Foursquare. But the location startup is relaunching its service with an eye toward becoming more of a city travel guide, downplaying the role of check-ins in favor of discovery, travel and storytelling.

No more fun and games: Location grows up

As location-based services grow up, we’re seeing that games are not the appealing part of location and increasingly it seems like start-ups are acknowledging that games are tough to build a business on. Gowalla seemed to acknowledge that by killing its virtual items feature today.

LocalResponse rings up results with targeted local tweets

LocalResponse — a marketing platform that allows advertisers to send out targeted tweets to consumers based on where consumers have checked in or where they say they are on social networks — has found that its targeting work is paying off with significant engagement from consumers.

Gowalla Rolls Out Feature Updates, But Is It Enough?

Gowalla continues to plug along in the location check-in space and has updated its Spot pages for places to make them more browsable and added new Highlights for locations. The improvements, while not ground-breaking, typify the steady progress of Gowalla. But is it enough?