Hands on with iBooks 2’s textbooks

Apple unveiled its new interactive textbooks Thursday at its media event in NYC. Here’s a look at how those textbooks work on the iPad. Early impressions? Wish I could go back to high school. Still, these textbooks definitely have room to grow.

Researchers make human animation less creepy

The “uncanny valley”– the quality of an animation or robot looking close to, but not exactly like, real life — may be set to get even smaller. MIT researchers have developed new computing techniques for reproducing the slight natural blur of moving objects in animation.

Should You Upgrade to the New iMac?

Considering purchasing a new iMac? Here’s a look at what the new models can do, compared to the previous generation, as per Apple in a call Tuesday morning with GigaOM. The key takeaway here is that these new iMacs are very, very fast.

iPhone vs. iPad: Do Games Really Scale That Well?

I’m addicted to Plants vs Zombies. When an “HD” version for the iPad was announced, I gladly ponied up the $9.99. I already owned the iPhone game, but then I thought that it would be a great comparison of iPhone versus iPad games.

1080p On a PineTrail Netbook? Watch and See, Says Jolicloud

Intel’s latest Atom platform for netbooks doesn’t always play nicely with 1080p video. You could add hardware, but Jolicloud has a software solution. Their newest netbook operating system supports 1080p quite nicely and here’s the video proof!

Firmware Update Could Maybe Resolve One of iMac’s Problems, At Least

If you’re having problems with your new 27-inch iMac, you’ll be interested to know that Apple (s aapl) released a fix via Software Update for the machines that’s said to resolve screen flicker issues. Now your expensive new purchase will only disappoint you in two or three other ways.

Many users are also reporting issues with cracked screens and yellow tinting on the displays, with a gradient from cool to warm as you move from top to bottom down the monitor. I had the latter issue on two replacement iPhone 3GSes, too, so I can’t help but wonder if Apple’s increased ability to move product isn’t affecting quality control. Read More about Firmware Update Could Maybe Resolve One of iMac’s Problems, At Least

MacGraPhoto Bundle: Grab 7 Graphics Apps for Cheap

It can’t beat the recent free Mac Heist giveaway (what could?), but a new Mac software bundle does offer a lot of good applications for a steeply discounted price. The somewhat awkwardly named MacGraPhoto bundle provides seven graphics applications for the same amount that one alone would normally set you back, $39.99.

The seven apps are all new to me, but they seem to have garnered favorable reviews and even some official accolades from Apple (s aapl) itself. They also cover quite a range, meaning that no two really duplicate the functions or features of the others. Here’s a brief rundown of the apps you get in the bundle. Read More about MacGraPhoto Bundle: Grab 7 Graphics Apps for Cheap