10 things to be thankful for in greentech this year

As you sit down to your sustainably raised turkey dinner this year, it’s a good time to think about the things that have gone well for greentech in 2011. Yes, there have been clouds for the industry, but there have been quite a few milestones, too.

Today in Green IT: Going beyond PUE in the data center

Google has aggressively argued that PUE (the measurement of how efficient a data center is) must be constantly measured to be accurate. But there is a need also to go beyond PUE. For our Today in Green IT, here’s how to go beyond PUE:

Cool Finnish weather the new hotness for data centers

Finland’s chilly weather might be depressing, but it’s the major reason for why the country is the hot new locale for green data centers. Following Google’s construction of its mega, green data center in Finland, other web firms are following suit, including potentially Facebook.

Why cloud, not PC, drives chip innovations

For decades, innovation in the chip industry has largely been governed by the needs of personal computers. But thanks to the proliferation of connected mobile devices, the growth of the consumer web and services available online and on-demand, the PC’s influence on chip design is fading.

VIDEO: eBay building energy efficient, cleaner data centers, too

While Facebook, Google and Yahoo have been pretty vocal about their green data center designs, turns out eBay’s has been innovating around reducing the energy consumption of its data centers, and also looking into how to source clean power for its facilities.

Power is a problem. Cloud is the answer

The majority of data center operators are relying on server virtualization, hot and cold aisle containment and power monitoring software to make their operations more energy-efficient, according to data released today by an industry research group. And many data center operators are eying the cloud.

HP: We’ve got the world’s most efficient modular data center

The competition is getting fierce when it comes to who has the greenest and the most energy-efficient data centers (and that’s a good thing). HP announced Monday morning that it has launched what it says is the world’s most efficient modular data center.