Why Fast-Charging EVs Won’t Be Just Like Filling the Gas Tank

Fast-charging stations could be a major boon to the nascent electric vehicle industry, but don’t expect them to become as common or as easy to use as gas stations anytime soon. Plenty of obstacles remain, and businesses might want to wait until the standards issues have been settled before placing any big bets.

People Power: A Home Energy Tracker in Transition

People Power has made a lot of changes from its start as a would-be home energy management device maker. Now it’s got a platform that could work in homes and offices — an example of how it and other startups may need to change to survive?

In 2010, EVs Will Need More Than Just an Electric Motor

During the next few years, EV and plug-in choices will multiply and the newness of being propelled by an electric motor will wear off. When that time comes, you can expect potential buyers to start paying closer attention to the technology packages and convenience features they want (and the automakers that offer them). The most exciting part of the Car 2.0 revolution is that if both automakers and software developers play their cards right, a car buyer’s dream car could be just an app download away.

Intel’s Atom Paves the Way for Smarter Electric Cars

In recent weeks, gabby Nissan execs and updates from the Chevy team have helped to build anticipation for late 2010, when tech-laden electric vehicles are expected to hit dealer lots. While cars have been experiencing the steady creep of infotech into in-car displays, advanced entertainment and navigation systems and more, electric vehicles will accelerate that process. Judging by recent statements, Intel appears to be positioning itself as the go-to chipmaker for speedy, low-power embedded EV chipsets.

Can Nissan Quell EV Anxiety with Technology?

Are you ready to trade the gas pump for a power cord? Over the next few years, drivers will have to contend with that question when a handful of new electric cars take to the road.
Nissan’s as-yet unnamed electric vehicle (EV), which the automaker plans to debut this weekend in Japan, is already aiming to make it easier for consumers to answer “yes.”
The car will begin populating U.S. fleets in 2010, but general availability isn’t expected until sometime in 2012. While its design is still under (slowly retreating) wraps, statements made by the company are already revealing Nissan’s plans to leverage technologies like GPS, wireless communications and the Internet to win over EV skeptics — not an easy task. That’s where EV-IT comes in.

Could OnStar Be the Key to Unlocking a New GM?

The big business news — whether you’re a green geek or not — in the last week has been the auto industry. GM dominated headlines, as it emerged from bankruptcy and brought back the brash Bob Lutz as “vice chairman responsible for all creative elements of products and customer relationships,” according to the Wall Street Journal. But perhaps GM would have done better to seek the help of the less well-known Chet Huber, president of the company’s successful OnStar division.