Smart lawn sprinklers cut down on water waste

If Nest is the modern answer to the thermostat, Rachio is the answer to the lawn sprinkler. GigaOM Mobilize Showcase finalist has a smart sprinkler that knows when, and when not, to water the grass.

Nest thermostat reviewed: A smart device for all seasons

Nest introduced its smart thermostat in October of last year only to find that there was greater initial demand for its product than originally thought. After using a review unit for longer than I should have, I can see why: This good-looking device is super smart.

Where to watch the U.N. Climate Change Conference live online

The UN Climate Change Conference in Durban started this week, with participating nations hoping to bring everyone together for another Kyoto-like protocol and finally slow down the emission of green house gases. Want to follow it closely? Much of the proceedings is streamed live online.

Apple makes plans to address supplier environmental concerns

Apple has come under fire in recent months for the environmental impact of its key component suppliers in China. Now, reports say it will look into its supplier operations, in order to see if accusations they are in violation of environmental regulations are accurate.

How green are the devices that stream Netflix & Hulu?

Canceling cable won’t just save you money, it could also help to save the planet: Apple TV, Roku & Co. use significantly less electricity than your cable box. However, not all Netflix boxes are created equal. We tested five popular brands to find the greenest device.

ShayCarl, Howcast and GE want you to ‘Tag Your Green’

GE has YouTube star ShayCarl doing a road trip all around the country to highlight green technology as part of its Ecomagination campaign. The campaign was produced by Howcast, which last year was able to drive 15 million YouTube video views to GE-sponsored videos.

Is Reading on Your iPad More Green Than Paper Books?

Many people use the iPad to replace a physical library of paper books, mostly because it’s very convenient to do so. But is it also better for the environment? A recent report considers the ecological effects of e-books in general, and specifically addresses the iPad’s impact.