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VIDEO: How Zipcar’s IPO Will Affect P2P Car Sharing

Zipcar’s stock is still flying high after the car sharing company debuted on the Nasdaq last month. To the CEO of neighbor-to-neighbor car sharing startup RelayRides, Shelby Clark, Zipcar’s IPO has shown investors that there’s real money to be made in car sharing.

VIDEO: Making the Grid Smarter With Energy Finger Prints

While many smart grid technologies use wireless networks, Power Tagging has developed a way to fingerprint energy on the grid using digital signal processing. At Green:Net last week, I interviewed John LoPorto, CEO of Power Tagging, which was one of our 10 Big Ideas winners.

VIDEO: Making Money Off Of Capturing Waste Heat

Capturing waste heat from systems and turning it into usable power could be a good way to collect money. Watch my interview with Phononic Devices founder, CEO and President, Anthony Atti, from the sidelines of GreenNet last week.

VIDEO: Energy Storage for the Off-Grid World

Listen to Fenix International founder and CEO Mike Lin talk about Fenix International’s ReadySet energy storage device that is delivering power to the off-grid world.

VIDEO: Big Data Meets Connected Cars

On the sidelines of our Green:Net event last week, I did a series of video interviews with our 10 Big Ideas companies. First up is a startup marrying big data and connected cars: Virtual Vehicle Company.

20 Photos From Green:Net 2011

In case you missed all the action at our third annual Green:Net event last week, we’ll be pulling together the photos, videos and presentations from the event over the coming week. Here are 20 of my favorite photos from the show:

Tesla and Coda: There’s Space for Indie EV Car Makers

Making all-electric vehicles is easier if you haven’t been building gas guzzlers for the better part of a century: That’s the mantra put firth by representatives from Tesla and CODA. Both said today at GigaOM’s Green:Net conference that there is space for indie EV car makers.

Cisco Wants Intelligent Networks to Become the Fourth Utility

Connected networks that analyse traffic, weather and other conditions will tell the office worker of the future if it makes economic sense to make the trip to their headquarter, or wether they should work remotely. All this is part of networks becoming the fourth utility.

Google Green Czar: No Moore’s Law for Data Center Efficiency

In an afternoon chat today at Green:Net, Google Green Energy Czar Bill Weihl explained that the future of data center efficiency will not come from improved data center designs themselves, but from more-efficient hardware and cleaner sources of energy.