NRDC slams slacker servers as huge waste of energy

… and proposes a standard metric to measure server CPU utilization and incentives to minimize the use of idling boxes. This metric, along with existing PUE scores, could help stop the bleeding.

Learn how Internet companies are turning to clean power

Using clean energy — from solar to wind farms — to power Internet infrastructure is a complex issue. Next Wednesday in partnership with Greenpeace and some of the leading companies, we’ll unbox this topic.

Greenpeace targets Amazon in clean cloud stunt

A website that claims to be from Amazon about launching a clean-powered pilot project for its AWS services, alas, isn’t true. It’s a stunt by the environmentalist at Greenpeace to get Amazon to add more clean power to its cloud.

iFixit joins Greenpeace in bashing EPEAT’s recyclability standards

The gadget dissector says the green electronics group’s recently released independent test of the recyclability of Apple’s MacBook Pro, along with ultrathin notebooks from Lenovo, Samsung and Toshiba, amounts to “greenwashing” the group’s stated standards for promoting sustainable, recyclable computers.

Facebook unveils energy use, carbon emissions data

Facebook on Wednesday unveiled detailed numbers about the energy consumption, and carbon emissions, of its data center and operations in 2011. The move represents a greater push for transparency and an effort to help manage energy-related costs, not to mention some solid marketing.

Greenpeace barely applauds Apple’s clean power data center plans

In an update to a controversial report, environmental activist group Greenpeace partly applauded Apple for taking more steps to add clean power to its data center, yet also said Apple should both be more transparent about its plans and should also be doing more.