Fisker won’t ramp up production of Karma until Q2 2012

Electric vehicle startup Fisker Automotive has dramatically scaled back production plans of its first car, the Karma, in the fourth quarter of 2011, and it won’t ramp up to full production until the second quarter of 2012.

Groupon’s $12.6B valuation compared to greentech (it’s sad)

Looks like Groupon will go public on Friday morning at $20 per share, giving it a valuation of $12.6 billion for its online coupon business. Let’s compare it to some of the greentech startups and big energy firms and try not to get disturbed.

Green energy-powered flying car has market size of $625B!!!

Holy smokes! The market for a green energy-powered flying car is $625 billion! You know, you just add up the markets for air travel, greentech and automobiles . . . Oh wait, it doesn’t work that way? Check out this hilarious animated video:

On LinkedIn, green startups are leading the way

While green startups may have gone through some tough times recently, LinkedIn has seen a major uptick in members who work for small businesses in the industry. From 2009 to 2011, “renewables and environment” was the fastest growing sector within the small business landscape on LinkedIn.

A different kind of disruption agent needed for energy

Does the energy industry need more disruption-focused web entrepreneurs like Sean Parker, of Napster and Facebook fame? While the world will be better with more Parkers in general, I don’t think the energy industry will be disrupted as easily by these types of folks.

An exercise in galactic-scale energy

Follow physics professor Tom Murphy on an exercise in galactic energy that points out the absurdity that results from the assumption that we can continue growing our consumption of energy forever.

PHOTOS: The Y-Combinator for greentech kicks off

Greenstart, a Y-Cominbator-style accelerator program for greentech startups, kicked off its first program on Tuesday at its new offices in downtown San Francisco, and unveiled its first four startups.

Report: Bloom Energy valued at almost $3B

There’s more confirmation out on Thursday of fuel cell maker Bloom Energy’s latest $150 million in new VC funds, and reportedly, the round is at a $2.7 billion pre-money valuation.