Listen to the data duet of the Voyager space probes

Using an emerging analytic technique known as data sonification, European academic data network GÉANT has created a remarkable piece of music out of 37 years’ worth of data from the space probes Voyager 1 and Voyager 2.

Today in Cloud

My past life involved much coverage of then grid-computing vendors Univa, United Devices and DataSynapse, so I was happy today to see Univa UD (now one company) and the TIBCO-acquired DataSynapse make highly relevant cloud-computing announcements today. The batch and long-term workloads enabled by Univa UD’s software are ideal candidates for Amazon EC2’s new Spot Instances, and we should expect to see similar vendors introducing such capabilities in the months to come. As for DataSynapse, TIBCO was smart to snap it up if only to complement TIBCO’s on-premise tools with tools for building provider-scale service-oriented infrastructures. With its new focus on the cloud, TIBCO might become a bigger cloud player than anyone could have expected a year ago.

Today in Cloud

TIBCO’s acquisition of DataSynapse might not register as big news outside the old-school grid-computing community, of which I am a member, but it does have big implications in the internal-cloud space. TIBCO recently released its Silver cloud application platform, which currently leverages TIBCO’s existing middleware, but now could be tied to DataSynapse’s solutions. Like VMware and SpringSource, this buy gives TIBCO both the cloud-optimized app platform and a leading-edge internal-cloud platform that incorporates batch, transactional and virtualized workloads, as well as a monitoring solution. Both TIBCO Silver and DataSynapse’s solutions also are optimized to work with Amazon EC2.

Platform Brings Big-Business Grid Rep to the Cloud

platformEnterprise-grade private cloud computing could take a big step forward with the introduction of Platform Computing’s new cloud management software, Platform ISF. The casual IT follower might never have heard of Platform, but for the better part of 20 years, the company has been proving the worth of its grid and cluster management solutions inside some of the world’s most demanding companies. Platform’s public customers include major banks like Citigroup and JPMorgan Chase, manufacturing giants like Pratt & Whitney and Airbus, and IT blue-chippers HP and AMD. If Platform is able to spur cloud adoption among large organizations and establish itself as a cloud computing leader, its reputation will play a vital role in the process. Read More about Platform Brings Big-Business Grid Rep to the Cloud

Today in Cloud

I remember back in 2005, when Microsoft, an HPC outsider, created buzz in the supercomputing and grid computing spaces by tapping Tony Hey of the UK’s seminal e-Science Programme to serve as VP of Technical Computing. Later that year, Bill Gates keynoted the annual Supercomputing conference, and shortly thereafter Windows Compute Cluster Server came to fruition. In 2007, Microsoft added Dan Reed to its mix. Now, Redmond is an epicenter of webscale and high-end data center research, as evidenced by its new eXtreme Computing Group. What a difference a few years makes.

Xeround Enables Telco Services By Virtualizing Data Silos

xeroundDatabase virtualization proprietor Xeround said yesterday that it received a Billing & OSS World 2009 Excellence Award for “Best Operational Support System” based on its deployment at T-Mobile. Both companies have been mum on the details of the deployment (trust me, I asked), but given Xeround’s value proposition, it’s not too difficult to imagine ways in which T-Mobile might be utilizing the company’s Intelligent Data Grid product.
Don’t let the parade of buzzwords like “grid” and “virtualization” throw you — Xeround offers real benefits to companies with distributed data problems by giving them a federated view of pretty much all of their data. Xeround’s focus thus far has been on the telecom market, where providers tend to have subscriber data of various types, like SQL, LDAP and XML, housed in silos across the network. Read More about Xeround Enables Telco Services By Virtualizing Data Silos