More money for smart grid startup GridPoint

GridPoint, which has raised a lot of money, and has changed its strategy many times of its nine year lifetime, has closed another round of $23 million according to a filing.

Thanks, Groupon: NEA closes monster $2.6B fund

Proving that the venture model is working for at least a few select brand name venture capitalists, NEA announced on Wednesday that it’s closed a massive $2.6 billion new fund. The firm describes the fund as “one of the largest venture funds ever raised.”

The smart grid acquisition tally to date

For the occasion of Siemens’ swallowing eMeter, we have pulled together our recurring smart grid acquisitions list, including the new ones we have seen in recent months.

GridPoint Raises Even More Money

GridPoint — the smart grid startup that’s raised lots of money and has a lot to prove — has now raised yet even more funding: a $23.6 million round according to a filing. That brings 8-year-old GridPoint’s total financing to over $240 million since its founding.

Smart Grid Acquisition Tally To Date

There’s been so many acquisitions in the smart grid sector as of late, we’ve been updating the tally every couple of months. Since September there’s been at least six more, so we’re updating our list once again.

Well-Funded GridPoint Replaces Founding CEO

GridPoint has replaced founding CEO Peter Corsell with a veteran of the software and communications industries. The thrice-reincarnated smart grid startup has $220 million, tons of acquisitions and a lot to prove.

Honeywell Keeps On Smart Grid Shopping

Along with eager smart grid acquirers EnerNOC and GridPoint, looks like Honeywell is becoming yet another firm to sell your smart grid startup to. On Thursday, building automation giant Honeywell said it has acquired E-Mon, a thirty-year-old company that sells submetering hardware and software.

Electric Vehicle 101: Know Your Warranty

How long should you expect a plug-in car battery — the most expensive part of the vehicle — to last before dwindling storage capacity or other problems leave you longing for a replacement? This question opens a hornet’s nest of vehicle emission regulations.

Cisco Launches Smart Grid Assault, Home Energy Gadget

Just last week we noted how Cisco had one official smart grid product on the market, which was basically hardened networking gear for utility substations. Yeah, well scratch that. On Tuesday morning Cisco launched its all-out smart grid assault, including a home energy management product.