Grooveshark shuts down in Germany

Grooveshark has shut down in Germany, blaming exorbitant licensing costs and redirecting users to a local Spotify clone. However, rights holders singled out by Grooveshark say that they have never actually been contacted by the service. Meanwhile U.S. lawsuits against Grooveshark continue.

Grooveshark to be sued by Warner and Sony

Will Grooveshark be the next LimeWire? The streaming music service is going to be sued by Warner Music and Sony Music, according to a report from the New York Times. This could mark a shift in litigation from P2P services to streaming music providers.

Grooveshark is relaunching as a social music network

Grooveshark relaunched its music service with a much bigger emphasis on activity streams and other social features Thursday night, and company representatives told us that they have big plans in store that should help artists to make more money — because streaming alone doesn’t make anyone rich.

Why Owning the Consumer Media Cloud is the New Battle Royale

Let’s face facts: With so much content stored across so many devices and networks, digital media management is a complete mess. Apple knows this, and is, by all accounts looking to transition iTunes to the cloud, but the likes of Google, Facebook and Amazon no doubt have ambitions that will lay serious competition at the gate of Cupertino’s walled garden.